GOME Jewelry

How it all started? I was not that person who knew from a young age what I wanted to do or consider myself an artist and certainly had no plan of jewelry. Like Steve Jobs once mentioned in a graduation speech, " You can only connect the dots looking backwards." In 2006 and 16, I was looking for a part time job. My sister introduced me to a newly opening bead boutique in Plano, TX. If you love gemstones this was your heaven, only loose beads and findings available with some one of a kind pieces that we made in store. Literally, every item was made to order and designed with and for the individual customer. I could never learn enough, even if I had no idea how to make the item I would say " yes, no problem I can do this," and spend hours learning techniques numerous times until I felt I had perfected it. Converting the design and idea into reality, showing it to a client and, their timeless expresson after, is the most rewarding feeling. 

Fast forward 5 years later, eager to learn more about the backbone of the jewelry biz, I started working at the World Trade Center for a respectable jewelry distributor with a rare and appreciative opportunity to manufacture their jewelry. It was here that my cloudy dream of making jewelry for a living would become clear. Rather 20 or 100's of pieces of jewels that needed to be made, I could do it all day and every day. Finally, in 2013 and expecting my son Gabriel soon, I made the decision that regardless of the odds moving forward I am going to be a full time jewelry artist. 

Networking with other local jewelry artist and offering my services in design and production slowly but surely patience would pay off. From single custom pieces in the beginning, I was now calibrating full jewelry collections for individual accessory lines. To date I've co-designed and designed for over 9 jewelry lines, launched over 20 jewelry collections and continue to have existing jewelry relationships. In June 2017 Gome Jewelry launched our first jewelry collection at the Dallas Market and continue to vendor on 13. 

Had I not worked at Bella in high school only making one of a kind pieces, I would never had developed the skill of being able to construct various jewelry collections to individual clients. Sometimes your calling doesn't always come to you in black in white. Find what you love, if you can do that for days on end and are eager for limitless learning in this field then I believe this is your passion and calling. Thank you for taking to time to read my story and hope to leave positive impressions on you with our jewels!

What is GOME Jewelry? Jewels that reflect my personal style. Unique, versatile jewelry that can be worn from day to night time, casual, or dressy. To compliment whatever vibes your day brings. Boho, chic, or western I've got something beautiful for you.